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The average American now spends about half a day staring at screens. A Nielsen Company audience report found that U.S. adults spend 10 hours and 39 minutes each day consuming media.

Because your customers spend so much time engaging with screens, it’s important that you have a solid strategy when creating an interactive display or working with an industrial PC. Otherwise, you’re bound to make some mistakes that can affect your business’s underlying marketing and customer engagement goals. Here are just a few critical mistakes you don’t want to make when working with industrial PCs to create digital and interactive displays and signage.

Installing the interactive display in an area that’s not very visible.

Unfortunately, many businesses make this mistakes because they don’t think about how their interactive displays look from their customers’ perspective. As a result, all of their hard work often goes unnoticed because the sign or interactive display just isn’t visible. Test out a few different locations to see which location gets the most traffic and/or customer engagement.

Making the interactive display too busy or complex.

Embedded hardware dominates the embedded systems market with a 90% share of the total market. And while you want your interactive display to contain all necessary and relevant information, there’s definitely such a thing as going too far. If your display contains¬†too¬†much information, it’ll just overwhelm customers and cause them to look away completely. Make sure your interactive display’s design is user-friendly.

Not getting your interactive displays serviced.

Not many people think about this aspect of digital signage, but it’s inevitable: after a certain period of time, your interactive display will need to be serviced by a professional. Don’t let it continue to operate with outdated hardware, a grimy screen, or any other component that results in improper maintenance. Inspections are important, too!

Growth in the embedded systems market is being driven by the healthcare, industrial, automotive, telecommunication, and consumer electronics sectors. The auto industry is the leading sector in the embedded system market with a 17% market share as of 2015. Being aware of these mistakes can help you make sure your business’s interactive displays are both effective and engaging. For more information about industrial computers and other embedded systems, contact Mediawave PC.