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Healthcare, industrial, automotive, telecommunication, and consumer electronics sectors are driving growth in the embedded systems market. The auto industry is the leading sector in the embedded systems market with a 17% market share as of 2015. However, restaurants are now a growing market for embedded systems as well.

The restaurant business

You have probably been to a restaurant lately and seen an interactive display where you can order your food, play games, and even pay, all right on your table. Well, those embedded computers are here to stay. They allow restaurants to communicate with the customers in an engaging and stimulating manner all while keeping up with the constant advancement of technology. Here are some other benefits of these industrial computers for the restaurant and the customer.

Bigger checks

Servers no longer have to sound like cheesy salespeople and try to up-sell you while you’re ordering your food because the kiosk does it for them. Restaurant owners can program add-on items to every menu screen displayed to the customers. When you, the customer, see these add-on items, you’re more likely to select them for an order. These items include things like toppings, sides, and combo meals.

Less waiting

It can sometimes seem like it takes an eternity for your server to come to your table to take your order and bring you the check. This problem is dramatically decreased when you throw interactive displays in the mix. You can order and pay any time you’re ready right on the kiosk.

More accuracy

Especially when the restaurant is busy, orders can be placed incorrectly. But if you’re putting in your own order from your table, the margin of error is significantly reduced. Miscommunication is virtually eliminated from the conversation when you, the customer, order your food right from the interactive display.

When restaurants use interactive displays, they can change the entire atmosphere of the place by improving the ultimate customer service experience. You can order more, service is faster, and orders are more accurate when you’re able to use embedded systems like kiosks. What’s even better, the restaurant has a much higher earning potential when they use interactive displays.