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The embedded computing market is expected to reach $236.5 billion by 2022, registering a compound annual growth rate of 6.2% during the forecast period 2016 to 2022. There are many benefits associated with industrial computers, but many of these benefits are due to the fanless technology that comes with some of these embedded systems. Before you invest in any industrial fanless computers, it’s important to understand why a fanless PC can meet your needs more efficiently than a traditionally cooled PC. Here are just a few compelling reasons to invest in a fanless PC.

They’re Silent

First, it’s important to make the distinction that the operating noises of traditional PCs are almost solely due to the fan inside working to cool the system down. Fanless PCs, on the other hand, are virtually silent when they’re in use, which is essential for many applications of any PC. A home theater PC, also known as an HTPC, always works best when it’s silent. Invest in a fanless PC, and you’ll no longer struggle to hear the sound of your favorite movie over the incessant whirring of your traditional PC’s fan. The noise-free quality of fanless PCs also makes them ideal for sound recording studios, where even the lightest whir can be heard through the microphone.

They’re Compact

We’re living in the mobile generation: Consumers now spend 85% of their time on smartphones. That being said, consumers seem to prefer compact and lightweight devices they can easily carry from place to place. Embedded hardware dominates the embedded systems market with a 90% share of the total market, and while it can be hard to lug around the hardware that comes with most traditional PCs, most fanless PCs are much more lightweight, compact, and therefore, portable, enabling you to carry them between work, home, and wherever else you may need.

Growth in the embedded systems market is being driven by the healthcare, industrial, automotive, telecommunication, and consumer electronics sectors. The auto industry is the leading sector in the embedded system market with a 17% market share as of 2015. There are countless ways to use industrial computers to your advantage, regardless of your industry. For more information about industrial fanless computers, contact Mediawave PC.